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source top manufacturers to turn your Kickstarter into a reality.

Find the top manufacturers, get the lowest costs, and produce top-tier quality products. All without stress, worry, or major delays.

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Created to help creators manufacture their own products.

At LaunchBoom, we’ve helped thousands of product creators successfully launch and fund their product. But nearly all of them struggled with manufacturing. 

SourceBoom is here to help you:

top suppliers

Find the top suppliers for your product

best manufacturing prices

Get the best prices possible per unit

Deliver your product on time to backers

Deliver high quality products on time

avoid expensive mistakes

Avoid expensive pitfalls and mistakes

From a manufacturing expert that’s sourced 2500+ products.

SourceBoom is created by Kian Golzari. Kian's helped thousands of brands, big and small, produce millions of units across dozens of industries.

Meet Kian Golzari

  • Sourced over 2500 products
    across industries
  • Visited and vetted over 500
  • Delivered over 10,000,000
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Reduce costs in areas you didn’t think you could…

You'll be surprised how many places you can optimize your manufacturing process. From molds to tariffs, we'll find ways to lower your costs.

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Avoid mistakes that ruin businesses before they have a fair chance.

We see it again and again. A creator has an amazing crowdfunding campaign, but runs into manufacturing issues. They go deep into debt, compromise on quality, or sell more equity than they want (if they even can).

But here's the thing...

A lot of those issues come from simply avoidable mistakes. SourceBoom helps you identify these pitfalls and actively avoid them. Ensuring your business gets solid footing from start to scale.

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From product idea to factory floor, we help you lower costs more.

Whether you’re developing your prototype, are actively producing products, or are somewhere in between, we know ways to save you time and money — setting you up for continual future success.

Let’s turn your Kickstarter idea into a physical reality!

So, are you ready to turn your brilliant idea into a stunning reality? Hop on board the SourceBoom express. Together, we'll make your product journey feel less like a horror show and more like a fairytale with a very profitable ending.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Will it work for MY product and product category?

Kian has worked on over 2,500 products with over 500 factories for major organizations like the NBA, Google, and Procter & Gamble, as well as countless DTC startups across dozens of industries.

So whether you’ve got a tech product, kitchen product, bag product, food product, clothing product, tabletop game, or anything in between…he’s likely worked on something with similar attributes.

In short. Yes. It’ll work. 

Will it work if I want to manufacture outside of China?


Kian has traveled the world looking for the best factories on the globe - not just China. Depending on your product, China might not even be the best choice.

Whether you want to manufacture in the U.S.A. or just want to find the best factory for your product, the system and strategy still applies.

What if I’ve already started?

All the more reason to get in now.
Sourcing is not a one-and-done process.

Remember, manufacturing costs affect each UNIT you sell for the lifetime of your business. As long as you're selling products, you’re paying the per unit cost set by your initial terms. If you don’t know how to negotiate those terms and optimize your product, that per unit cost isn’t going down.

The skills and strategies you’ll be using in SourceBoom apply for as long as your business runs (even beyond).

Even if you already have inventory, you can still save time and costs as you scale your business.From prototype to your millionth unit, each step can be optimized to cut costs on a per unit basis. 

What if I only have an idea for a product?

Even better.

The sooner you start, the more time, money, and logistical stress you save…and the more problems and mistakes you’ll avoid.

By starting from scratch with us, you can optimize every step of your product development process, secure the best cost per unit, and give you accurate, profitable pricing when you launch on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Are you a sourcing agent?

No. In fact, we advise you don’t use a sourcing agent.


This is the foundation of YOUR business. You need to have a direct relationship with the people making your product or you’re risking your entire business and brand.

But here’s the thing.

Sourcing agents don’t like to share their factory contacts. You have to go through THEM to do anything about YOUR product. You won’t know how much your product really costs. You won’t know how much the factory really charges. You won't know if you’re even paying the best price.

And what happens if your agent disappears? You won’t know where your product is made. Or how to talk to the people who make it.

With SourceBoom, you don't need a sourcing agent.

You’ll have a solid foundation of knowledge, skill, and experience for the perpetuity of your business — not to mention, rock-solid contracts and relationships with your product manufacturers.

Get started on a better product manufacturing journey.

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